About Bedeckle & Co Shyla & Family

I am married to my best friend and a mommy to four little ones.

I love designing and creating. all kinds of things.

I like texture, and all things vintage and chippy.

I had two little boys first and after the birth of my little girl, I started making hair accessories and jewelry for her. Brown Eyed Girlies came about because I loved making handmade items for little girlies. After a while though, I really started to fall in love with making items that I could wear too – and dreamed that other women would like to as well.

Bedeckle was born out of a desire to expand my creativity and reach the mommies of the little girlies that I had been serving for a several years.

As I thought of names for this shop, I spring boarded off of the word “bedeck” which means to fancy up, embellish, beautify. Those were all of things that I wanted to do with my shop. I wanted a tired mom in jeans to feel “fancy” when she threw on a headband and ran out the door to run errands. I wanted a business woman to feel “embellished” as she added a touch of whimsy with a brooch to her tailored outfit. Overall, I desired for a woman to feel even more beautiful than she already did while wearing one of my pieces.

There is something really special about creating a unique piece. There is something even more exciting about having someone wear a piece you’ve created with careful detail. Come and bedeck yourself in these one of a kind pieces.
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